(1) Mineral resources: there are more than 70 kinds of minerals proven, mainly including coal, iron ore, natural gas, limestone, graphite, vanadium, feldspar, granite, marble etc. and more than 100 million tons of V-Ti iron ore reserves, more than 34 billion tons of limestone reserves, 1 billion m3 of granite reserves, and 100 million m3 of marble reserves. The mineral resources of Wangcang County have not only large reserves but also high grade, distributed in a centralized manner and easy for scale development. 
(2) Plant resources: 4,940 plant species, including 408 species of shrubs, 17 species of economic trees, 1,500 species of medicine (318 species can be purchased). Rare medicinal herbs include gastrodia elata, musk, bear gall, etc.; the Eucommia, cortex phellodendri and bark of magnolia are of high quality and large quantity; Wangcang County was named by the State Forestry Administration of PRC as "Hometown of Famous, Special and Quality Economic Tree Eucommia" in 1998. Wangcang County has a forest coverage rate of entire county up to 53.98%,  original ecological vegetation up to 320km2 and more than 7,000ha of virgin beech forest, and it is the world's origin and modern distribution center of beech plants.
(3) Animal resources: the county has 307 species of animals, 50 species of which (46 species of wild animals) are of development values. 14 species of animals such as bear, golden cat, leopard, clouded leopard, forest musk deer, macaque, zibet, naemorhedus goral, giant salamander, tragopan temminckii,  long-crowned white-tailed pheasant and chrysolophus pictus are Class II and III animals under state protection and odorrana kuangwuensis is a unique species of China.
(4) Hydropower resources: the county has rich hydropower resources; there are 8 main rivers with the hydropower potential of more than 450,000kW; the amount that can be developed is more than 100,000kW. There are 31 small man-made reservoirs on the surface and 1,408 ponds. The rivers in Wangcang that belong to the Jialing River system include Donghe River, Xihe River, Huangyang River, Baishui River, Lijia River and other branches; and the river belong to the Qujiang River system include Sanjiang River, Qingjiang River, Zhaiba River, Luoping River and other branches.